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If you can't get an answer for you question from our mailing lists, or need help in installing our software, please consider ordering primary, special or extended support options. See our support page for more details.

You can use our Bug Tracking System to submit bug reports, or to look at the list of currently known bugs. The Bug Tracking System may be also a good place to send feature change requests and some other comments.

There are five mailing lists available for mnoGoSearch users.

mnoGoSearch Announcements
This a low-volume list is for annoucements of new mnoGoSearch versions and related products. Recommended to all users.
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mnoGoSearch General Discussion
The main list for general mnoGoSearch discussion. This is a place to discuss mnoGoSearch features, good and bad sides, installation/usage problems etc. Please post in English, otherwise you may not get an answer. Note, some topics are better to discuss in the specialized lists(see below).
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mnoGoSearch for Windows Discussion
This is a place for discussion of mnoGoSearch for Windows related things. Please post in English!
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mnoGoSearch PHP frontend discussion
The list for PHP frontend and PHP+mnoGoSearch integration discussions. Please post in English!
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mnoGoSearch General Discussion in Russian
General purposes mnoGoSearch list in Russian language.
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Digest mailing lists

There is also a set of digest lists available for mnoGoSearch users. You can reduce the number of incoming letters using these lists.
mnoGoSearch General Digest
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mnoGoSearch Windows Digest
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mnoGoSearch PHP Frontend Digest
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Old mailing list archives

Mailing list archive is available at

There is also an older list archive at

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